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About Us

Flip Flop Dynasty, LLC was birthed in 2016 out of the vision of Robert and Mary Williams. Both Mr. and Mrs. Williams hail from Chicago, Illinois (also known as Chi-town and/or the Windy City). The great city of Chicago is famous for its history, food, diversity, music, sports teams and businesses. As the third largest city in the United States, Chicago is host to the Chicago Marathon, Taste of Chicago, Lollapalooza and the Chicago Jazz Festival.

The Williams’ vision is - To provide unique urban designs for casual, fitness clothing and footwear for multicultural shoppers.

We invite all people near and far to join the Flip Flop Dynasty in the expansion of comfortable footwear for the 21st century.

 Back in the day when I was growing up, I was the youngest of 6 sisters and brothers. The baby of the family. My family loved going to the beach, especially in the summertime. My mother made sure to send me along. Every summer they would buy new flip flops because they misplaced them or outgrew them, and became very uncomfortable. When the store only had a few colors to choose from, they would make stars or hearts to decorate them. Anything to make them fashionable and stand out. Most of the time the flip flops were very uncomfortable. Once they hit the water, they forgot all about it. So when summertime comes it reminds me of them. I picture how I can make them better. They are the reason for creating my own brand of Flip Flops.

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